Wide distribution next week!

After a heady amount of research, discussions, and going through the list of issues with international reach, I am taking the Bulletproof Spy series off of Kindle Unlimited this spring. This will enable me to take the books to what in publishing is known as “going wide.”

Amazon makes up for about 80% of book sales in the United States. So, targeting that market is usually the safest bet to gain an audience and start to build a readership. However, with a growing audience happening internationally, I’ve experienced numerous issues with getting the books in the hands of my readers.

Now, there are some downsides to getting out of Kindle Unlimited. Members of the KU program will no longer be able to read these books for free. They will have to buy them, instead of having them be included with the cost of their monthly membership. (Yes, the author still gets paid even if readers use KU – we get paid per page read).

Once the books are in wide distribution, we will also no longer be able to participate in Kindle Countdown deals. I am not currently sure how or even if the books can be put on any kind of sale price without using Kindle Countdown on Amazon. It’s something I am looking into going forward.

In the immediate future, you’ll be able to find the books on Kobo, as well as Amazon. Kobo allows the author to set up sales without requiring sole distribution as Amazon does. So, if you want to grab the books at a less than $2.99 price, Kobo is where you will find them, as soon as the KU contract’s expire.

The Silver Bullet Affair will expire from Kindle Unlimited as early as tomorrow, 3/9/2019. So if you want to snag it for free as a KU member, be sure to get it now. To Live Or Die In Moscow will continue to be on KU until 4/17/2019. After which, it will hopefully be on Kobo the following week, migraines and work schedule willing. The Fever From Krakow will be released wide to start, and so will be on both Kobo and Amazon on release day in April, 2019.

Additional retailers, such as B&N, Google Play, etc, will be announced as soon as I have the dates.

Thank you to all of my dedicated readers who’ve pushed for this – I’m excited to see the Bulletproof Spy reach more readers than ever before.


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