Cover Reveal: The Fever From Krakow; Bulletproof Spy #3

Hi guys, welcome to Your Author, still shell-shocked that this book is coming out April 2019, when that is the next month. The month that occurs in four days. The month of Aprilis in the original Latin. Once the fifth month in the original Julian calendar.

That month.

As always, my gorgeous cover is by Dante Saunders, who nails it out of the park every time. We even did some historical digging together to find the exact type of Makarov used in ’65. I am still so sad that the suppressor wasn’t in use until ’68, because goddamn its pretty.

This is also the first time we’ve had Yulian and Alan together on a cover and I’m very emotional about it.

Things to know about BPS 3: its the biggest, the baddest, the gayest yet. Clocking in at around 25k, The Fever from Krakow ups the ante with higher stakes, bigger supernatural baddies, and a plague maybe.

Last book we did Yulian’s coming out, this book you get Alan’s. If you thought any of my leading men were straight, I’ve got news for you: this is not that book.

Anyway, here’s a blurb:

Desperate to take down the rogue agents of Soviet Section 6, the KGB has allowed Alan Gable – under the guise of his MI6 alias Gideon Court – to investigate a possible anthrax attack in Krakow with KGB agent Yulian Komarov. But he’s on a very tight leash, one that will end with Yulian eliminating him when their work is done.

If Alan hasn’t been burned by his own people, that is. Missing his check-in with the OPC has its consequences. He will need to give them something to prove his allegiance still lies with the United States, and that something may be Yulian Komarov.

Despite his orders from the head of Section 1, Yulian has a very different mission in mind: getting Vasily Chekov extracted and home to his wife. But his desperation to save his best friend could prove his undoing. If the aftermath of his short time in the hands of Section 6 don’t destroy him first.

They only have one shot. Failure could mean the end of Yulian and Alan’s careers…and their lives.

The Fever From Krakow is the third book in the Bulletproof Spy series. A winning combination of espionage and the supernatural, the Bulletproof Spy series is action-packed from start to finish, led by kick-butt LGBT characters. It’s The Man From Uncle and Hellboy, shaken not stirred. Fans of the genre who’ve grown weary of the same old James Bond song and dance have a new series to love.

Need to catch up before the new book comes out? Get caught up with this fantastic playlist, curated by yours truly. It’s all of the best tracks I’ve come across in my 8tracks dragon horde, ordered in a manner that follows the progression of the series.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Conbust tomorrow!


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