To Live Or Die In Moscow

The year is 1965, America and Russia are on the brink of war, and a secret organization has taken hold of the primary weapons research lab of the KGB, known as Section 6, from the inside out, leaving American OPC agent Alan Gable and KGB operative Yulian Komarov running for their lives.

With Alan Gable’s mission up in smoke, he must scramble to find a shred of information which will lead to the rogue KGB Section 6, and the biological weapons they’ve taken with them. But in order to do so, he’ll have to pull off the ultimate long con, masquerading as MI6 Agent Gideon Court to gain the aid of reluctant ally, Yulian Komarov. He’ll need Yulian’s help to unravel a conspiracy within the KGB agent’s own network, but to do so, they’ll need to clear Yulian’s name first.

Simple enough. Until Yulian is taken into custody, leaving Alan alone to put together a trail which will lead to someone, anyone, but Agent Komarov as their mole. 

Agent Yulian Komarov has a choice to make: outlast the interrogation, or give up the operative he knows as Gideon Court to save the ones he loves. 

All the while, the clock is ticking on Alan’s safe passage out of Moscow, and the rogue Section 6’s next move… 

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To Live Or Die In Moscow is the second book in the Bulletproof Spy series, a madcap mashup of Hellboy and The Man From Uncle. A winning combination of espionage and the supernatural, the Bulletproof Spy series is an action-packed novella from start to finish lead by kick butt LGBT characters. Fans of the genre who’ve grown weary of the same old James Bond song and dance will find a new series to love with the Bulletproof Spy.