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BPS 3 Release Day!

The day is finally upon us! Bulletproof Spy #3 is finally here. The Fever From Krakow is currently available on Amazon for just 2.99, and soon to be available on Kobo (link to be added as soon as its cleared processing). BPS 3 is: banter, monsters, Alan’s very queer backstory, and Poland in the 60s, as the boys hunt down stolen Soviet anthrax that’s been turned into something else entirely. Here’s the new and improved blurb: Desperate to take down the rogue agents of Soviet Section 6, the KGB has… Read more BPS 3 Release Day!

Cover Reveal: The Fever From Krakow; Bulletproof Spy #3

Hi guys, welcome to Your Author, still shell-shocked that this book is coming out April 2019, when that is the next month. The month that occurs in four days. The month of Aprilis in the original Latin. Once the fifth month in the original Julian calendar. That month. As always, my gorgeous cover is by Dante Saunders, who nails it out of the park every time. We even did some historical digging together to find the exact type of Makarov used in ’65. I am still so sad that the… Read more Cover Reveal: The Fever From Krakow; Bulletproof Spy #3

Wide distribution next week!

After a heady amount of research, discussions, and going through the list of issues with international reach, I am taking the Bulletproof Spy series off of Kindle Unlimited this spring. This will enable me to take the books to what in publishing is known as “going wide.”