The Silver Bullet Affair: the Bulletproof Spy #1

The year is 1965, and Alan Gable is the best spy America doesn’t know they have. Operating off the books and outside the law, Alan has been tasked to do the impossible—get inside a laboratory in Moscow, get the Russian’s lead nuclear scientist, and get out, all without the KGB ever knowing he was there. No human could do it.

But Alan isn’t human.

Yulian’s life is perfect. A top counter-intelligence agent for the KGB, favored by the head of Section 1. His best friend is happily awaiting his first child. His indiscretions have remained discreet.

Until Dr. Tamm and his entire lab goes missing, and Yulian’s life starts to unravel. 

The only way to survive long enough to get to the bottom of the mystery is for Alan and Yulian to work together. If they can survive each other that is.

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The Silver Bullet Affair is the first book in the Bulletproof Spy series. A winning combination of espionage and the supernatural, the Bulletproof Spy series is an action-packed epic from start to finish, lead by kick butt LGBT characters. It’s The Man From Uncle meets Hellboy, shaken not stirred.